Thursday, September 29, 2011

Down but not out!

Sorry for the lack of updates but the combination of several work related trips and my computer dying, have kept me out of contact for a couple of weeks.  If you have been following Red Corp's blog you will have seen that the vote tally came in for the create a character competition for his fan dex.  I have to say that when I saw the final results on the competition I was ecstatic that I got second place.  Thanks to all of you who voted for my entry and thanks to Jack for providing an incentive to get my creative juices going (so to speak). 

Unfortunately I haven't had much progress on my Red Scorpions Deathwing count-as.  I have only one squad painted so far.  As I said before, work has been pretty hectic lately, and my 11 year old now wants to start playing orks.  So as the Warhammer geek and dad that I am, I'm putting together a small ork army for him (500 - 750 pts).  I may post some pictures of the 'ard boyz I've been working on later.  Hopefully I'll soon have more updates on the Red Scorpions' First Company. 

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