Sunday, August 28, 2011

Finally a painted model

After spending most of my hobby time putting the final touches on my entry for Red Corps special character competition I had some free time this weekend to put some paint on my first test model and continue painting the interior of the Land Raider Crusader.  The test model took me a little longer than I wanted, but I was deciding which colors to use as I was painting him. I'm hoping the next 25 will not take as much.

The base now only needs a couple of weeds or dying grass sprouting from the edges of the rock and I think I can call him complete.  One of the things I don't like about him is the Red Scorpions chapter symbol.  I just can't get the detail to look quite right.  Has anybody else had a similar problem?  What did you do to ensure your painting gave justice to the great detail on the FW shoulder pads?

Having said that, I had no problem getting the details on the left shoulder "Crux Terminatus".  I really liked how this turned out.  Well now that I have finished my test model, hopefully I'll be able to start cranking them out a little bit faster.  As always please let me know what you think,your critiques are highly welcomed.


  1. Lookin' good brother, well done.

    I find with mine as well that they can look really flat OR too over detailed/contrasted. Finding a balance between the two is something that takes a long time on each of my minis, probably even as much as painting the armour itself.

    I paint the area white first then give the whole area wash with badab black. Once that's dry I go back over and touch up the areas I want to be white again and paint he red scorpion on and trim up the outside with a black ring.

    Yours looks good though, just try keep your white thin so it stays nice and smooth.

    Keen to see more of your work mate.


  2. Really like the look of this guy. Just got a question. What colors are you using for the base grey and the yellow?