Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dice for the dice gods

I'm back from the business trip I took last week and I have to say I'm really excited!  I took some models with me to paint during my free time, and even though I wasn't able to finish them (some details need to be finished) I did get a big jump on finishing my troops selection.  I have three almost fully detailed squads.  Two more and I'll have all the troops I'm planning to need for games up to 2000 points.

Still to finish are the highlights on the ranged weapons casings, metal features on the weapons, the black circle around the red scorpion icon, and painting the bases.  Also the Sgts need their faces painted.  I'll probably take my time on those since painting flesh has never been my fort√©.

Now to my great surprise when I got home right there on the front door waiting for me were my custom ordered dice.  These dice are not cheap but they are worth it in my opinion and tie the army theme together.  They are a very dark grey (just like my termie's armor) and include the "Red Scorpions" symbol on the 6 side.  Although the pips are not quite the same color hue as the symbol, I have to say I'm very pleased with how these came out.  

As always all constructive criticism is welcomed.  Any tips to make me better at modeling and painting are appreciated.


  1. Dude, where did you get these dice?!

  2. Love those dice. where can i get custom made dice like that. i'm from germany and so far could not find any.

    thanks in advance