Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More Terminators on their way

It has been over a week since my last update but real life has again got in the way of my plastic addiction.  I did manage to put together another Terminator Squad. 

This time it's my first Assault squad.  Unfortunately I suffer from OCD when it comes to  putting models together. I can't stand seeing a great paint job ruined by mold lines on the model.  I spend way too much time cleaning every last bit of flash and mold lines, even in areas that people will never get to see. So it takes forever to get a squad ready for paint.

I have also started on my Terminator apothecary conversion for the command squad.  I really liked the new Grey Knights terminator apothecary arm but it just didn't feel right.  My apothecary will be armed with lightning claws so if I had used the termie apothecary arm it wouldn't have had the right feel, plus it wouldn't be WYSIWYG. 

I started the conversion with a power armor apothecary plastic arm.  I cut off all the power armor parts and shaved the inside of the Narthecium/Reductor until it almost fit on the outside of the left lightning claw.  I then had to shave off a little bit from the lightning claw to make it a perfect fit.  Even though it still needs some green stuff work on the inside arm, to completely connect the power cable from the shoulder pad to the Narthecium/Reductor, I really like the final result.

Finally, most of my time has been spent either painting the inside of the command squad's Land Raider Crusader or working on Brother Aslan.

Brother Aslan is the Red Scorpions' Vexillarius Primus (Chapter Standard Bearer) and will also be my entry into Jack's FanDex special character competition (over at Red's Corps Red Scorpions Blog).  Let me know what you think.  As always critiques are always welcome.

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  1. Fantastic work mate. I love Terminators!! I only wish I could have more... Are you running these guys as Deathwing then? That's a pretty good idea to utilise your 1st Company assets in game.

    Welcome to the blogging world and I look forward to seeing how your Red Scorpions develop, they're a great chapter.